Industrial Property near the Beltline Trail Poised for Mixed-Use Redevelopment

Industrial Property near the Beltline Trail Poised for Mixed-Use Redevelopment

NPU-K will be reviewing plans and a request for a rezoning to facilitate a multi-family and commercial development containing affordable housing units.

Last month, Jefferson Beltline LLC submitted an application to rezone a 1.03-acre parcel to construct a mixed-use development and related accessory uses. The current industrial zoning designation does not allow for multi-family residential or commercial uses.

Neighborhood Planning Unit – K will review the request to rezone 1060 Jefferson Street NW from I-2/Beltline to MRC-3/Beltline on December 14th. According to the NPU agenda, the Zoning Review Board will review the request on either January 6 or 13, 2022.

The property is designated Mixed Use by the comprehensive development plan and is located in the Industrial character area. The applicant argues that the proposed MRC-3 zoning is compatible with the comprehensive development plan designation. Further argued, the proposed zoning is not necessarily aligned with the industrial character area, the development trend in the broader region is more aligned with the type of development proposed by the application. If approved, the applicant intends on obtaining the required special administrative permit and commencing development promptly.

Jefferson Beltline LLC states that there are limited properties available for redevelopment in the area, which is currently experiencing a repurposing of properties including Ten29 West, Westside Reservoir Park, and the Echo Street West developments, leaving the existing industrial zoning designation as incompatible.

According to City documents, 45 units will be affordable, with rents ranging from $759 to $1,550 monthly. Market rate residential units will have a monthly rental rate of $1,600 to $2,560. As currently proposed, there will be 150 studio units, 80 1-bedroom units, and 61 two-bedroom units ranging in size from 500-900 square feet.




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